4 GeeseAbout Webskein

There are quite a few church website toolkits around now, including some which are UK-based and therefore understand the needs of UK churches.

Large churches are well served. Webskein is designed for smaller churches and small Christian groups / communities, and is priced accordingly. We've included everything you're likely to need as a local church / group, but we've left out, for example, the online shop and conference booking facilities which larger churches sometimes want.

To see what Webskein can do, please look at the Features List. Don't be alarmed if you think it's rather a big list - you don't have to make use of everything - you can get a simple but worthwhile site set up quite easily. Webskein can help you get technology working for you, not the other way round.

And that's a good start. But Webskein is more than just a kit for making a church website - it's a way of thinking about how local Christian groups can maximise their use of the web as they seek to live out the Kingdom of God in their local communities.